Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you submit?

Do you submit?

Your poetry, that is-- are you sending it out to magazines?

New Pages has a bi-weekly update on editors looking for submissions-- not to mention a nice page of reviews of literary magazines, and alphabetical lists of lit-'zines and alternate 'zines. If you tend toward the inspirational side, the Christian writers site has their own list of calls for submissions to look at. Or take a look at the Poets and Writers list of magazines.

For that matter, if you're too lazy to put a stamp on an envelope (or too poor-- we all know that story these days, alas), Louis Crew has a list of poetry publishers who accept electronic submissions. Or try a search on duotrope.

So-- do you submit? Why not?


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

And check out Nin Andrews, whose comments on publishing poetry (books) is here

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Erica Dreifus's Practicing Writer newsletter also has a listing of contests and places to submit:

ClevelandPoet said...

I do and try my hardest to help encourage younger (or other hesitant writers) to submit too. These are helpful links!


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