Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour continues!

Maybe not the longest-running poetry reading in the Cleveland area, but it's gotta be darn close.
Despite the death of its long-time host location at Borders Books, the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour reading series is still alive and continuing on its second-Friday readings, hosted by Joshua Gage, now in its new location:

6556 Royalton Road
North Royalton, OH

Next reading is this Friday!
Friday, September 9 · 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The event will have Youngstown poet Karen Schubert as the featured poet, along with the traditional Deep Cleveland open mike.

Postscript (9/10): for those who missed it, John Burroughs has some pix up at his facebook page.


Jesus Crisis said...

I hope to be there this week, hear Karen and check out the new digs.

MugShotz Coffee said...

Please note that the reading will NOT be moderated per Owner/Managers of MugShotz (depending if there are young children around or not).


Smith said...

Longest continuous poetry reading I know of is Mac's Backs up in Coventry -- I read there in 1982 or 3 or so. WhenLongest continuous poetry reading I know of is Mac's Backs up in Coventry -- I read there in 1982 or 3 or so. When did you guys start? did you guys start?

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Great reading at MugShotz yesterday-- every seat was taken! Josh had some fun with the fact that it was an unmoderated reading-- I guess that after ten years or so of having to quash those seven words you can't say on a microphone at Border's, he had a pent-up urge to hear some unmoderated language.
John Burroughs has some pix up at his facebook page.

pottygok said...

Well, there was that pent up urge, but also the fact that DCPH was attacked and insulted on-line for NOT changing to an unmoderated format when we moved made it even more disappointing. I don't see a point in complaining and protesting something if you're not actually going to actually use the rights that you've protested for.

Johnny Cashless said...

I thought we came to an understanding and settled this on Facebook. I wasn't insulting the deep cleveland poetry hour. I was only trying to engage in a respectful debate - and if you recall, I expressed my views publicly AFTER you sent me a private message alerting me to your status and asking me to add my two cents. And the reasons I didn't use unmoderated language when I showed up are (1) I didn't know until I showed up that the rule had changed (since you had insisted on Facebook that it would not), (2) I only brought with me poems that fit a moderated venue, out of respect for what I thought were your wishes, and (3) just because I prefer having the right to read what I like doesn't mean I say (or want or need to say) fuck in every poem just because I can.

Johnny Cashless said...

I shouldn't have to vote for a certain political party just because I protest and defend the right for me or anyone else to do so. Sorry to disappoint you by exercising my right not to exercise my right.... ;)

Johnny Cashless said...

And since you claim I attacked and insulted the series (I can't imagine who else you mean), I encourage anyone who's interested to read your thread and my comments on Facebook and see if this is so. I honestly do not believe it.

pottygok said...

This isn't a specific comment about one person, but more a group of people (who are detailed on the threads) who insinuated the following:

*Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour betrayed its inspiration by being moderated.

*The MCs of DCPH had some sort of control over venues that would accept poetry readings and their opinions on moderated vs. unmoderated readings

*The MCs of DCPH were ignorant of modern poetry or the Cleveland poetry scene

*Moderated poetry readings are childish, restrictive to artists, and remove people's liberties

The point that the new venue, Mugshotz, is unmoderated was clearly announced in the FB invite to Karen Schuberts reading last month, and will be addressed in the FB invite for Susan Grimm's feature on October 14th.

For poets to rant and rail against a reading series and insult it, its potential hosts and MCs for not being moderated, and then not exercise that right is not similar to voting for one party of the other, but like not having the right to vote period, fighting and insulting those who supposedly restrict one's right to vote, and then once that right is won, not voting. Furthermore, the fact that I practically had to beg folks to unmoderate themselves I think proves the point that a moderated reading doesn't restrict artists to the totalitarian degree implied on FB.

This argument is a bit meaningless now beyond the incestuous politics of the Cleveland poetry scene, as the venue is UNMODERATED (baring customer complaints) and the readings WILL continue to be so as long as Mugshotz allows us to remain their guest. I am looking forward to Susan Grimm's reading on October 14, and looking forward to all the poetry brought to the open mike, moderated or not.

Jesus Crisis said...

I wish the DCPH and all its MCs success and long life. Susan Grimm is a treasure - should be another great reading! Peace...

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Another month, and it's another second Friday, so here comes another Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour at Mugshotz in North Royalton, 8pm.

Don't think I can make it this month (another event that may not be over in time-- if I come, I'll probably be late), but if you're free, check it out. Every second Friday of the Month, so mark your calendar for next month, too.


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