Sunday, January 8, 2012

52 Cleveland Haiku (52)

One year of haiku:
city turns from white to green,
circles back to white.

--Geoffrey A. Landis


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

One year of haiku!
Isn’t that enough?
I think I’ll stop now.

John B. Burroughs said...

Thank you for sharing.
What a novel idea!
How 'bout a sequel?

pottygok said...


What about a haiku a day for an entire year? That's how I wooed Rosann (and got my first book published, too!). Try the non-575 variety this year. See what you can come up with!


J.E. Stanley said...

Excellent year of haiku, Geoff.

If you do feel like a sequel, you could always do 52 Cleveland Cinquains. I'd try that myself, but I'm way too lazy.


The poet doesn't invent. He listens. ~Jean Cocteau