Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wooster Jam 2012 is looking for poets

They're seeking poets (and other artists) for this 2-day festival at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. (I also hear they're willing to assist with travel expenses...) Apply online here. They also request a sample of work emailed to woosterjam@gmail.com. Visit them online for more details. Woosterjam.com

From the Wooster Jam website:

Wooster Jam 2012

The Jam is an end-of-semester celebration of music and the arts that thrive both on and off The College of Wooster campus, consisting of an array of individual artists and ensembles from a myriad of art forms and media. The gathering will take place at the historic Wayne County Fairgrounds on April 20 and 21, using several distinct and non-traditional venues. One may hear an A Capella ensemble, the Ohio Light Opera, the Cedar Valley Cloggers and the best rock music on campus – all at different venues simultaneously. The Jam is a unique fusion of language art sound motion music and interactivity.

We are looking for participation by Visual Artists, Installation Artists, Musicians, Media Artists, Light and Sound Artists, Theatre Artists, Poets, Sculptors, Performance Artists, Laser Artists, Magicians, Electronic Artists, Drummers, Video Makers, Filmmakers, Dancers, Floral Artists, Street Performers, Culinary Artists, Ceramicists, Sculptors, Fire Artists and more to participate in our art event!

We welcome your imagination and ideas.

The Jam is organized by The College of Wooster students at the college’s Center for Entrepreneurship (C4E) under the guidance of James Levin (founding director of Cleveland Public Theatre and Cleveland’s IngenuityFest). Further information about the Jam’s staff and history can be found on our website, listed below.

The Jam will take place from 4:00pm to midnight on Friday April 20, and from noon to 11:00pm on April 21 (in collaboration with the Wooster Ethnic Fair during the afternoon). Free shuttles will transport students from the campus to the Fairgrounds throughout the two days.


VertigoXX said...

This is exactly the sort of event I'm looking to work with, but unfortunately that's the same weekend as a Poet's Haven event. Too bad it isn't in March or May.

Johnny Cashless said...

Not to be confused with Wooster Jelly!

Anonymous said...

To hunt?


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