Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Fiery Flying Roule

Book Art

Poems Retrieved by Frank O’Hara


 Sherman Alexie Versus Grammar Cops


 Posted  to the tumblr A Fiery Flying Roule is a new poem from Tom Raworth in response to the U.S. security breach; he calls it “Just a quick doodle with some of the trigger-words in the Department of Homeland Security ‘Analyst Desktop Binder.’”

Carlos Fuentes' FBI file

Inside Coach House Press


Mystery book sculptures still sprouting across Scotland


 Land lies in water; it is shadowed green.
Shadows, or are they shallows, at its edges
showing the line of long sea-weeded ledges
where weeds hang to the simple blue from green.
Or does the land lean down to lift the sea from under,
drawing it unperturbed around itself?
Along the fine tan sandy shelf
is the land tugging at the sea from under?

 Some Realms I Owned: Elizabeth Bishop in Manhattan


A newly translated interview with Federico García Lorca by Luis Méndez Domínguez from 1933.

Thomas Pynchon Returns to New York, Where He's Always Been

The Public Life of Poetry: An Interview with Natasha Trethewey

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