Monday, March 3, 2014

The City in Winter

Lake Erie and Cleveland, Winter 2014
Sam Hubish
(used with permission)

The most recent issue of Lady Smith's 'zine The City Poetry is out, a theme issue on winter. It's a beautiful 'zine, as much art as it is poetry.  Worth checking out just because it's gorgeous, but I will point out that it also has (among works from many poets) a handful of haiku and a tanka from me.

cities have souls too, you know,
some malignant and ugly,
sneering, full of derision;
some benign and beautiful,
some merely indifferent
and uninviting, bland, lacking
ambiance, pizzazz, character.
some cities spit dust.
some cities swallow without chewing first.
some cities rust out before their time,
arthritic and osteoporotic,
empty windows, crumbling bricks,
wasted motion.
 --from "Got Soul"
Dianne Borsenik

It Can; It Will, by Adam Brodsky
(used with permission)

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