Saturday, April 12, 2014

In Cleveland with Sarah Marcus

 Words without Borders interviews poet Sarah Marcus about returning to Cleveland:

"Can you describe the mood of Cleveland as you feel/see it?
"Cleveland is like being in the heart of a machine. I spent most of my life trying to leave. Growing up, I would have and did do anything to “get out.” It was like that place in a song; the place you get stuck in. Think Tracy Chapman. Gray and backwards, it was a place where people circled the wagons and resisted change.
"I have been back now since the summer of 2012 after several years “away” in other cities. I have been across the world, and I now see how I was so very wrong about Cleveland...."
 Cover art by Gwen Homer

Crisis Chronicles Press published Sarah's newest chapbook, Every Bird, To You.


John Burroughs said...

Thank you, Geoff! I'm proud of all the books Crisis Chronicles Press has published. But honestly, Sarah's is one of my favorites.

D.R. Wagner said...

Hers is a book worth reading. Inexpensive as well.


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