Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Call for Poets: Cleveland Heights EKPHRASTACY

I recently received a message from Kathleen Cerveny, a good friend and the current Poet Laureate of Cleveland Heights.  I'm posting it here at her request.  This is an open call, and promises to be much fun.  John Burroughs participated in EKPHRASTACY on May 8, 2014; you can read about it and link to the art he wrote his poem about here.  I'm scheduled to participate in the September EKPHRASTACY, and I'm very much looking forward to it.  If you are interested and intriguedand I know you areplease contact Kathleen at the email address embedded in her message.  Thank you!

Dear Poet,

This message is being sent to a number of Cleveland-area poets (whom I know well, slightly and perhaps not at all) as an open invitation to participate in an exciting series of ekphrastic poetry events.  

As the current Poet Laureate of Cleveland Heights,  I have worked with my sponsor, HeightsArts, to create a new program in which local poets are invited to view the works being assembled for each of the HeightsArts gallery exhibitions and write poems inspired by these works.  

At a date near the end of each exhibition's run, we invite the public to come and hear the artists talk about their work, and the poets read and talk about their poems.  We have held two of these EKPHRASTACY programs to date, with the audience in the gallery packed to capacity.  It's an exciting cross-discipline event that draws both art and poetry lovers. So far we have featured work by 12 local poets.

Although we are not yet in a position to offer an honorarium (we are working on this for the future), we are offering a free membership in HeightsArts, with full membership benefits, to the poets chosen to participate in EKPHRASTACY.  You can check member benefits at the HeightsArts website
If you are interested in being considered for one of the upcoming EKPHRASTACY programs, please contact me through my email at HeightsArts and I will share more information about the program:

Right now we are looking for poets to participate in the July 10th EKPHRASTACY and the final one of the season, in September.  We already have the schedule for 2015, so I will soon be putting those programs together as well. 

Hoping to hear of your interest,

Kathleen Cerveny

Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate, 2013-14

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Pressin On said...

its not clear what this entails or what the project is but i might be interested. bree


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