Saturday, September 6, 2014

Many Thanks Visible Voice Books

Guest post by Steve Thomas
Many of you already know Visible Voice Books is closing. I find it fitting that September is its last month. Today, while customers scramble for last minute deals (40% off). I sat admiring the wood interior of the store and appreciated the gated red bricked court yard. It made a statement beauty could be found anywhere. The store brightened up the street with an appealing grace and charm.
   What better way to spend a Friday or Saturday evening with a friend a glass of wine and live music in the background. Dave Ferrante presented a multi faceted entertainment venue. There was an eclectic book selection along with writing workshops (thank you Claire) combining for a wonderful atmosphere for art lovers of all shapes and sizes.  Dave supported a women’s speaker series titled She Speaks. Regina Brett spoke there as well, presenting 50 Lessons about life. There were poets from Erie to California that performed in the courtyard or in a room upstairs. And can we talk about the wine tastings? This wasn’t a book store but a gathering place for unique thoughtful people.
  It’s a cool quiet Tremont night with church bells counting time. There’s sign on the door closing Sept 27th. I can feel the door swinging shut now as Brownbird sings Americana in the back ground. In the courtyard The Lost State of Franklin is setting up for their performance. It’s a good night for books and music. After all the experiences I’ve had here I’m glad to say thanks Visible Voice for a great deal on memories. 

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John B. Burroughs said...

Dianne Borsenik and I hosted the Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza at Visible Voice for a few months in early 2009. Over the years since the store also made its space available for several Crisis Chronicles Press book events and Cleveland's edition of the worldwide 100 Thousand Poets for Change phenomenon. Dave and his staff have always been welcoming and extremely supportive of local and traveling poets and presses. Many thanks to the author of this tribute. And much love to Visible Voice Books!


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