Saturday, February 14, 2015

4 for Valentine's Day: Greenheart by Dianne Borsenik


painting of trees
"Birch Trees," David M. Landis, ca 1960
If it should rain
today, then walk
with me. We’ll shed
our clothes and slip
between the trees,
hand in hand and
skin to skin, lost
in a landscape
of pagan green,
where thunder beats
its bodhrán drum,
and silvered leaves
become a tambourine.

And if the sun
should shine today,
then dance with me.
We’ll bare our feet
and find the beat
within our hearts,
stand lip to lip
and speak in tongues,
two of a kind,
enraptured by
the blazing heat
that shapes our world,
our bodies intertwined.

And if the night
should start to fall
and stars appear,
then sleep with me.
We’ll wrap our arms
around the moon
and hug it close,
transcending time,
anointed by
the stuff of dreams,
the two of us
becoming one,
supernal where we lie.

--Dianne Borsenik

4 for Valentine's Day:

painting by David Landis, about 1960

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