Thursday, April 2, 2015

So, Do You Want a Challenge?

Image of armored knight, from Wikipedia
I challenge you!
It's National Poetry Month, and poetic challenges are coming thick and fast.

If you want to write a poem a day, you shouldn't complain that nobody's challenging you!

Are you up for it?

Over on Cuyahoga County Public Library's 30 Days of Poetry site, the first challenge is up:

April 1: Think abou​t opposites:

  • If we could make April Fool’s Day into April Sage's Day, how would it be celebrated? Write a poem of decrees for such a day.

Meanwhile, the Writing Knights have set up their own challenge-a-day for the month of April. Their challenges will all dealing with "vestigal words".  The goal is to use the word in that day's poem:

Writing Knights April 1 challenge:

  • Today's word is: Agelast: a person who never laughs. Use the word in today's poem.
--e-mail your poem to Writing Knights, or post your challenge poem to their facebook page.

And, over at "Poetic Asides," Robert Lee Brewer kicks off another month of April poetry challenges:

PAD Challenge, day 1:

  • For today’s prompt, write a resistance poem. There are many forms of resistance, including militant resistance, resistance to new ideas, the resistance in exercise, and maybe even a little resistance to starting a new project. I hope you don’t resist the urge to write a poem today.
(Brewer' also gives a list of Poetic challenge tips-- worth reading even if you aren't doing the challenges,)
--Post your challenge poem to the comments of Poem A Day.


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

...and now the April 2 challenge is up from 30 days of poetry:

"Write about an event from a special day.
Look up the year that one of your parents was born on Wikipedia and write a poem about an event that took place then."

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

...and the April 2 Challenge from Writing Knights:

"The goal is to use the word in that day's poem.
Today's word is: Cachinnate: laughing very loudly.

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

... and the Poem A Day April 2 challenge

"For today’s prompt, write a secret poem. The poem itself could be a secret, or it could be about keeping secrets or, I suppose, not keeping them. Or maybe it’s about a top secret project, or the poem is a riddle with some sort of secret meaning. Or, well, I’ll let you figure out how best to poem secretively."

Writing Knights Press said...

Thank you for the shout out!


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