Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Help! New Bloggers Wanted!

Clevelandpoetics: the blog is a community effort.  We want you to help!

Really: we want your contributions.  We need your contributions.  We value your contributions.

If you've ever wanted to contribute, and were just waiting for an invitation: here's your invitation.  The blog is open to the community, and you are invited to contribute. Join the team!

Every year there are new voices in the Cleveland poetry community, and we want to hear them.

Do you have anything to say about the poetry community?  We're looking for contributors!  Do you go to poetry readings, want to make comments on the local poetry scene, want to share your opinions on contemporary poetry?  Join us!

Johnny D asks for help wanted
We want you to tell us about writing, tell us about reading, tell us about the poetry scene, about your obsessions, who you like, who you hate, how poetry should be.  Tell us about writing in our sports-obsessed, poetry-infested, hot-blooded city, or about anything you think fits somehow in the Cleveland Poetics topic. It's as much work-- or as little-- as you like.  Write a post when you have something to say, or don't if you don't-- there's no minimum activity.  Know somebody else who you think would be a good blogger? Pass the invite along!

If you'd like to join the blogging team here at clevelandpoetics, we're open: leave a note in the comments.  Or drop me an email at clevelandpoetics@gmail.com and tell me you want to be a blogger.

Here's your chance to express yourself, and contribute to the community. Join the team!

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Yoj said...

Oh to live in Cleveland. Forest City. Poetry plenty. Look at the masthead. Poets giving voice to the city, northern city on a northern lake, all of 'em talking, some about capitalization, capitalization an element of poetry! Not me. Not here. I pay taxes to Pennsylvania.


The poet doesn't invent. He listens. ~Jean Cocteau