Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Requesting Support for Russell Atkins

Requesting Support for Russell Atkins 

M. A. Shaheed, with the support of Yaseen AsSami, Diane Kending and Robert E. McDonough, is attempting to convince the city of Cleveland and the East Cleveland Public Library to honor Cleveland poet, composer, editor, librettist, and literary and musical theorist Russell Atkins by naming the street on which he lived (in Cleveland) and perhaps a room in the East Cleveland Public Library after him. We are asking you to assist this effort by making a signed statement about the importance of his achievement; because this statement will be showed to more than one person, it is probably best not to make it a letter but instead one page or so, headed with something like “On Russell Atkins” and finishing with your signature and perhaps a brief bio indicating your position in the arts. If you would like to refresh your familiarity with Russell’s poetry, a good place is clicking on his name in the author list will bring you to all the poetry Russell Atkins had collected by 2000.
It will be very helpful if you can send this statement as an email attachment to M. A. Shaheed at <naamtaib@yahoo.com> as soon as possible, ideally within a weekBy honoring Russell Atkins’ lifelong commitment to art and tremendous achievement, we also honor art itself.         
Robert E. McDonough                        

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