Sunday, October 8, 2017

An Interview with Blood Pudding

Juliet Cook, proprietor of Blood Pudding Press, was interviewed by rob mclennan about Blood Pudding, and about writing and small press publishing in general.
"Blood Pudding Press initially derived from Juliet Cook being intensely passionate about poetic creative expression, but not being a fan of light-hearted, semi-normal, semi-clichéd, lightly comedic poetry, which seemed akin to vanilla snack pack pudding in her mind.
"She tends to prefer more bloody, visceral, intense, emotional, personal, quirky poetic expression.
"She and Blood Pudding are open to a variety of different poetic styles, as long as they're not too light-hearted, bland, dry, or plain old silly. And as long as they don't interpret human bodies as nothing but pieces of meat.

cover of book "Thirsty Bones"

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