Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Ohio Poetry Day Contest

Once again, the Ohio Poetry Day Association has sent out the flyer announcing twenty-six contests for 2019.
I don't usually like contests with entry fees, but the entry fee on this one, $10.00, is so absurdly low for twenty-six contests (of course, you don't have to enter them all) that it's pretty clear nobody's making money on this. It's a bargain.

No URL-- OPD is purely old school; paper submissions only.  Postmark by the May 15 deadline.
And, if you want a little mini-vacation to Troy in the autumn, mark your calendars for the Ohio Poetry Day celebration October 18 and 18.

Pages of Ohio Poetry Day flyer, with the list of poetry contests

Pages from Ohio Poetry Day contest, announcing the contest and with the entry form

Page from Ohio Poetry Day flyer, with format for poem submissions

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