Thursday, October 20, 2022

Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise

Congratulations to Cleveland writer E.F. Schraeder, whose new chapbook just went live for pre-orders from Finishing Line Press. Inspired by the life and work of Amy Winehouse, Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise offers a close look at the passions and perils of creative life through a feminist lens.

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In Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise, E. F. Schraeder coaxes Amy Winehouse’s life from somber shadows into a powerful klieg spotlight, with insightful poems that are both dissection and homage. In “Cameras and Ink,” she notes that Winehouse is …swimming in vinegar, a brine of declension; in “Junk,” she observes that Her noose <is a> a microphone / swinging. Schraeder’s concluding poem in the collection, “Twenty Seven,” nails it succinctly: Don’t worry about much / or over commit, / we tell ourselves: / we have time. / And we do / until we don’t. Whether or not you are familiar with Winehouse and her music, these poems are sure to rock you.

— Dianne Borsenik, Raga for What Comes Next (Stubborn Mule Press, 2019)
Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise is a meditation on fame and the horrors and responsibilities that come along with it, for better or worse. This collection gives an honest look into the life and lifestyle of artists and discusses how fans oftentimes marry suffering to the creation of art, all while commenting on mental health, the body, and how the heart processes pain, overstimulation, and the need to constantly produce and survive. A must-read for poets and artists alike.”
Stephanie M. Wyotovich, Bram Stoker Award® winner

Lyrical and melancholy, Schraeder's Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise is an unfiltered Norma Jean tribute to songstress Amy Winehouse. A small volume with 'velvet insides', this collection comprises exquisite 'fire-kiss' poems that 'sing from the veins' on ashtray-regret themes of self-destruction and addiction. An unsettling and compelling offering from an exceptional voice in horror poetry."

— Lee Murray, USA Today Bestselling author and double Bram Stoker Award® winner



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