Friday, July 18, 2008

Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour -- Danilee Eichhorn Feature

Last friday (7/11 for you slurpee fans) Danilee Eichhorn was the featured reader at the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour. I was under the impression that she had a book to sell, as she has lots and lots of poetry, but no publisher has picked her up yet. (Big Hint!!!)Still, she blanketed us with lots and lots of poetry. It was a very solid, mystical evening with some sex and romance thrown in. Danilee is beginning studies this fall in Religion (BTW, the Danilee Eichhorn Empty Pocket Fund is accepting donations. Please help support the arts and give her money.) and many of her poems reflected her already rich knowledge in this subject. I opened with a translation of Hafiz, which was a solid choice, considering the mystical connotations to most of Danilee's work. If you have not heard her read, I strongly recommend it. Check out her blog here:

Among the open mike participants were team Smith, Jesus Crisis, Diane Borsenik, Theresa Gottl, Chris Franke (Deep Cleveland Feature August. 8) , Ralph Ryan, J. E. Stanley, Dan Smith, Jack McGuane (Deep Cleveland Feature Oct. 10), Roger Miller (Deep Cleveland Feature Nov. 14), Eric Anderson, Mary Turzillo, Geoffrey Landis, Wanda Sobieska, and many more whose names or faces I have forgotten over the past week.

Speaking of faces, Geoffrey Landis was snapping pictures. Here are some:

For more information concerning upcoming Deep Cleveland Poetry Hours:


Theresa Göttl Brightman said...

I've heard Danilee's poem "Basil" more than once, and I loved it again.

(I, however, look a bit deranged in that photo... :P

Anonymous said...

Very cool... Great event, fine poetry, many thanks to Landis, and no Theresa you don't look deranged (just deep). I appreciate you posting this, Josh, and I think the whole ClevelandPoetics blog idea is tres fab. Will be posting my own blog about the reading soon. But five readings on five days in a row, along with hoseguests from out of town, got me way behind. Almost caught up now....

Anonymous said...

I meant HOUSEguests, not hoseguests... lol.

Anonymous said...

For reference, the photos are (from top to bottom):

Dan Smith

J.E. Stanley

Jack McGuane

Jesus Crisis

Theresa Göttl, looking serious (*)

* not deranged.


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