Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome to Clevelandpoetics – the blog!

We hope for this forum to be an adjunct to the Clevelandpoetics list serve. You want to know what is happening, when, and where, literary-wise in Northeast Ohio – subscribe to the Clevelandpoetics list serve.

You want that ya should chew the fat about those events, the scene, talk shop or read posts from some of the top writers and publishers in the area and leave your two cents on what they have to say – this is the place for you.

There is no set format although we will have a few recurring themes – if they work out we’ll keep them if not we’ll try something else. What we really need is input via comments and submissions to make this thing float.

We’ve assembled a pretty crack crew to get this baby rolling and each has free reign over what they want to post and each is a volunteer. We think you’ll be happy with this initial incarnation. Later we’ll be looking for guest posters and switch up the writing staff just enough to keep folks guessing.

Thanks – we’ll try real hard to be worth your attention.

Clevelandpoetics: the blog
We'll be going live with content tomorrow Friday the 18th of July!


Anonymous said...

I like what I see so far. Seems the clevelandpoetics list serve message format is a bit messy for topical discussion; blogs are better at capturing and encapsulation.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a fantastic idea, Michael, and I'm liking what I see so far. You've chosen a great crack crew to start. And I tend to agree with Lady regarding the list serve - although it remains an invaluable resource.

michael salinger said...

The list serve functions well at what it does - listing things. The blog format is much more conducive to a parlor chat kinda atmoshpere.

Thanks both for the kind words.

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