Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Chronicle of Borsenik

photo of Dianne Borsenik
Dianne L. K. Borsenik, poet, publisher, and impressario of (among other things) Lix 'n Kix, is interviewed as Writer of the Month in American Chronicle:

Writer of the Month: Dianne Borsenik

A.C.: Things I can do without:
DLKB: Negativity. Prejudice. Ignorance. Closed minds.

A.C.: Things I cannot do without:
DLKB: A piece of paper and a pen. Music. Dogs. Hugs.


Yoj said...

Yay Dianne Borsenik. Sounds just like her. I could read more!

Dianne Borsenik said...

Thanks for the shout out, Geoffrey! It was a fun interview. I was very honored by Christina Kiplinger-Johns' invitation to feature.

Rob said...

Nice article! Congratulations.


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