Thursday, April 12, 2012

Round Two: Dictionary Game

Not sure whether each round begins with a new post, but here goes:

The second word is: Futharc


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Futharc, a colloquial expression meaning "broken" or "in a mess."
Originally from the British army (20th c), as an acronym for "F***ed Up The Hairy Arse Right Correct". See "SNAFU."
"The supply truck threw a wheel and the bloody situation went right futharc."

Rob said...

I hate it when that happens!

Marcus said...

futharc n. From the Angle word for ‘leader’ or possibly ‘general’, a man of great standing in the warrior community. Earliest usage in the fragmentary ‘Goth na Crowley’ in a passage of apparent celebration of victory and the humiliation of an unnamed prisoner:

Behold the hollow coward’s callow
Wince away from honest honor!
Watch the wastrel cringer cringe!
Here we heroes have and hallow
Sacred songs, not jargon genre,
For our Futharc’s biggest binge!

Rob said...

It's cliche, but true... To the Futharc go the spoils!"

Nancy B. Smith said...

futharc: noun, meaning a medical device used by early dentists and surgeon (barbers)

The dentist removed my diseased tooth with a chisel and a futharc. Man, did it hurt!

Rob said...

My dentist did that to me once!

Marcus said...

futharc -- n. Old Norse. one half of a flyting.

Jorie G Jorie G
Judging a poetry
Contest declared all the
Entries were lax.

So waiving his fee and
The deadline she gifted her
Love, Peter Sacks.

Rob said...

Which old Norse told you that?

Rob said...

As full disclosure, I should point out that I survived childhood by being the class clown. When I play, I like to banter. The definitions on this round are great, and I have no idea how I will be able to judge them.

pottygok said...

futhark, noun, a design in medieval Scandinavian art shaped along the circumference of a circle or other curve, often in the shape of an animal with human hands and/or feet.

"Dr. Madison found a penannular brooch in a grave with a particularly detailed futhark of a hound."

Rob said...

I almost bought a replica of that at a Celtic festival! (Turns out that it's Scandinavian- those pesky Vikings got around, didn't they?)

Rob said...

Judgment Day!

Okay, here’s the boring, real definition (not to be confused with the group’s more creative ones!)

futharc ( also spelled “futhark,” “futhorc,” and “futhork”) n. the runic alphabet (so called from it’s first six letters).

Judging this was a real trip, literally. Marcus had me following the way of power. Where did it lead? Canterbury? Actually, I never got there because the futharc n’ wheel came off! In the end, it was like a painful extraction that could only be assuaged by the beauty of an artful brooch.

But which to choose? I had to eliminate Nancy, since she sleeps with the judge (is that too much information?)On the other hand, I want to keep her happy, so I’ll go with a new brooch as a peace offering.

That means that I’ll gage the result by saying: Pottygok


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