Friday, May 18, 2012

Dictionary Game Round 5

Dictionary Game Round 5

Now that Jim Stanley has demonstrated how to be whimsical and capricious in the extreme, by failing to comment humorously on all the definitions to entertain us, and by failing to provide the correct definition, as well as stabbing me in the back by selecting my entry as the 'winner', the new word is:



Nancy B. Smith said...

Bottomry: n. placement in or near the bottom of the stack

For once, the Indians are in first place not in the bottomry.

nancy brady

Rob said...

bot-tom-ry n. (also spelled bottemry) a term used in the aerospace industry to refer to telemetry problems encountered when sending command signals to extra-terrestrial vehicles. Short for "robot telemetry," it was first used when a Mars rover dropped into the bottom of a crater during the 26 minute gap between the device's response and the earth-bound operator's command.

Houston: "I can see it's upside down, but it wasn't operator error, it's the fault of the frickin' bottomry!"

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Bottomry: n. Political speech with no content, bloviation. After "Foggy Bottom," a district of Washington, DC famous in the 1930s for its numerous speakeasies.

"After the second round of drinks, the discourse turned to nothing but gossip and bottomry."

pottygok said...

bottomry, n., any substance which clings tenaciously to the underside of an object, often requiring cleaning. From the Irish báirneach, meaning limpet, and referring to the barnacles on the hulls of boats that require constant attention.


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