Thursday, June 22, 2017

Literary magazines...

photo of magazines

On BuzzFeed, Lincoln Michel gives you a guide to publishing in literary magazines.  And on Catapult, Tony Tulathimutte adds his advice: How to get a story or essay published if you’re not James Franco:

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Diane said...

Thanks, Geoff. There is some good advice here. I taught a class at the CCPL about publishing poems in magazines, and while a lot of the audience bought it, a lot of poets were like, "Oh that's too hard. I'll just publish it myself." And then they did: with typos and awful graphics. Self-publishing is fine, but if you yourself are the only person publishing you, ask yourself why that is. Even Emily Dickinson, the unfairly rejected, too unpublished poet, had 12 poems published in her lifetime. Work it, people.


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