Sunday, March 7, 2010

The News

For those poets who read the news, a spot you might want to follow is the New Verse News, a site that publishes poetry dealing (mostly) with the day's news and current events. Maybe it's not as good a source of news as the Plain Dealer, or even the Scene... but then again, who says poets might not be the best people to interpret the news?
I was astonished to see that quite a few of our local poets are regulars there, including at various times (among others):
--New Verse News admits that it tends toward the "politically progressive" (although a lot of the poems aren't political), so if your opinions tend more toward Glenn Beck, your mileage may vary--
While I've brought up political poetry sites, by the way, let me also mention Mobius, for no other reason than that I have a piece in the most recent issue (but then, isn't that a good enough reason for me to mention it?)

So, politics in poetry-- does it make for good poetry? Well, heck, maybe it does, maybe doesn't-- but when did poets ever stay away from politics? And it looks like Cleveland poets are in the middle of it!

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