Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cleveland Collaborative Renga: Finished!

We have now finished the Cleveland  renga!  Congratulations to all who participated by contributing lines!
(to see the opening stanzas, click here for part one, click here for part two, and here for part three).
Anyone can join in!  To contribute, add your stanza to the comments!

                         a shred of light left to hold
                         -but inadequate; I fear for this anchor 

waves reflect gold, bronze,
or ash floating like soot
where her hopes burned, capsized, sank 

     frozen iron ore freighter
     begins to buoy free of ice

           buckled open
           listing to the right
           falling in love again 

               underneath the old-growth oak
               just breaking into spring's green

                    overcast sky
                    the potholes gather
                    cherry blossoms

                         scent of earth on gentle breezes
                         where Lakeview's carved stone reposes

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Geoffrey A. Landis said...

The Cleveland renga is now complete!
The last few verses were contributed by:
frozen iron ore freighter: Ray McNiece
buckled open: dan smith
underneath the old-growth oak: Michael Ceraolo
overcast sky: Joshua Gage
scent of earth on gentle breezes: Marie Vibert

Diane said...

Just love this:

"the potholes gather
cherry blossoms"

It doesn't get any more Li Po Cleveland than that.

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Hi, renga-contributors--
I said at the beginning that when we got done I planned to send the Cleveland renga to the Haiku Society of America's renga contest. Deadline was 28 February, and we made it just in time! So, it's now submitted. I think it's rather a long shot for a bunch of first-time renga poets to win the HSA contest... but cross your fingers!


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