Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Literary Industrial Complex...

Michael Lista, in the (Canadian) National Post, warns of the "literary industrial complex". His advice: publish less.
Ouch!  I think I like this guy.

"...like the munitions factory whose only enemy is an armistice, the Literary Industrial Complex in this country requires an unbroken draught of verbiage, regardless of the quality, for its continued solvency. It dovetails nicely with the post-Humanist aesthetic that presently predominates English-language verse, which values the elliptical, the runic, the evasively verbose, in which questions of aesthetic merit dissolve in a sociological and stylistic bath, poems that buy into what Ange Mlinko has called “the sense that the lid has been ripped off any consensual definition of poetry, and that for a new generation it has been a test of one’s authenticity to write poems that evade all criteria for a ‘good poem.’ ” And the more of it the better."

And he has advice for literary magazines, too (or at least, Canadian literary magazines): Why literary magazines should fold

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