Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ray McNiece, Returning Haiku Master of Cleveland

Congratulation to Ray McNiece, who won back his title of Haiku Master of Cleveland by defeating second-place haikuist Cordelia Eddy at yesterday's Heights Arts5th Not-Exactly-Annual Haiku Death Match.
It was a great evening of haiku!

photo of Ray McNiece and Cordelia Eddy at the Haiky Deathmatch
Winner Ray McNiece and second place Cordelia Eddy at the Haiku Deathmatch (photo by GL)
In addition, at the performance Dobama Theater also set a new record: best alcohol sales at a single performance at Dobama. Poets rock!

photo of audience at haiku deathmatch
center section of the audience at the Haiku deathmatch. (Photo by MT) 

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