Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ray McNiece, the New Haiku-master of Cleveland

Congrats to Ray McNiece for winning the Haiku High-Noon shootout on Friday!

After disposing of the crowd of would-be haiku contenders with a series of haiku that ran more to zappai than true haiku, high noon got down to two finalists, and got down to business: Ray McNiece faced off against the previous champion, Cleveland's reigning haiku champion Kathleen Cerveny. For the final round, the haiku got serious. In a one-on-one shootout... the two haikus came out in a dead-even tie!

In the tie-breaker haiku shootout, Ray edged out Kathleen in a close match, claiming the title of haiku-champion of Cleveland.

Congrats to the haiku masters!

--and kudos also to Heights Arts and the Dobama theatre for sponsoring the haiku shootout, to the judges, organizers, and master of ceremonies, to the audience, and to Cavana Faithwalker, poet laurate of Cleveland Heights, for serving as the master of ceremonies for the open mike warm-up session.

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