Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comprehensive Cleveland Poetry Calendar

Here's a bigger copy of the Cleveland poetry calendar that is embedded at the top of this blog. I'm adding every northeast Ohio poetry event I know about to it. If anything in the coming month is missing, please either leave a comment below with details, send me an invitation to your event on Facebook, or send me an e-mail at jc@crisischronicles.com. If you've already sent me an invitation, there's no need to do so again (I will get to it ASAP). Let's try to make this calendar as comprehensive as possible.


Jesus Crisis said...

I want to clarify - I'm not the only one adding events to the calendar - and I greatly appreciate (and don't wanna take credit for) the work others are doing on it. The only one I'll put on the spot is Michael Salinger, who deserves credit for coming up with the calendar idea and posting it in the sidebar of this blog in the first place. Thank you, Michael - for all you do!

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Wow! Great list.

Nom De Plume said...

Note to Michael Salinger!

Michael if you get tired of doing just Cleveland, we would love for you to take over the Statewide Poetry Calendar!


In the mean time I will do a link to this page if its ok?


christina said...

THe more places this info is posted the better!

michael salinger said...

I am not in charge of the calendar here - it is open to anyone who wants to post events - all you have to do is let me know you'd like to have access.

I'm pretty hands off on this blog - peoples postings, polls, etc. etc. is all their own with no content editing by me.

Thanks for reading!

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

For what it's worth, I like having a poetry calender here, but I'm not sure it should be the first thing on the top of the blog-- mostly when I come here I'm looking to see what if somebody's posted something new, not to check what's on the calendar, and the calendar is more distraction than feature.

michael salinger said...

What do folks think - should we leave a permanent calendar up at the top of the posts? In this position it is larger and easier to read and is always in the same place.

The other option would be to return it to the sidebar where it will be smaller - or move it to the bottom of all the posts and people could scroll to the bottom of the page to read it.

It could also remain in the first position and be made shorter - right now it is 400 pixels tall.

Anyway - what do folks think?

Jesus Crisis said...

I have mixed feelings. I do like the calendar larger and easier to read - and therefore I prefer where it is to where it was in the sidebar. Like Geoff, however, I miss being able to immediately see what's new when I come to the blog. But unless the sidebar was wider, I wouldn't be in favor of you returning it there - and I'm certainly not in favor of eliminating it altogether. Reducing the calendar's height to 200 pixels would be a good compromise - keeping it wide and easy to read and find, but also allowing a visitor to immediately see what's new on the blog without having to scroll down.

Another possible solution: instead of putting the whole calendar in either the header or a sidebar, just put a text or small picture/graphic link in the sidebar (kinda like you've done already with the local reading series banners) - directing people who click on it to this specific blog entry (and we can revise or eliminate my text above the calendar as necessary).

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

I like the new format much better-- works for me. Thanks!

christina said...

I like having a well maintained and up to date event calendar here. But not necessarily right at the top of the page. So agree with Geoffrey on that. I do like the larger format though.

Perhaps a link at the top of the page in larger type that opens to the calendar would be a compromise.
I too don't come over here specifically to see the calendar but the articles posted... But knowing there is an up to date calendar here is good. I know it is a place I can come to check if I need to.

Jesus Crisis said...

FYI: Though I promised above to post every poetry event as I become aware of it, I have been unable to do that the past few weeks. I'm not certain why, but Google Calendar is no longer allowing me to add or modify events on the Cleveland Poetics calendar. When this is remedied (is it a Google issue?), I will resume. ;)

michael salinger said...

John - I've checked the calendar and I can see no reason that you cannot post. You are registered with the JC email address. I see that the other email address you had there was removed. I tried a test addition and it worked. Is anyone else who has calendar access having trouble?

Jesus Crisis said...

Fixed now! Thanks!

I will catch up on posting events ASAP.

Geoffrey A. Landis said...
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