Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pudding House: call for submissions, Ohio Childhood Poems

Call for Submissions: Ohio Childhood Poems

Children are shaped by the places they live and the events they experience. This collection will gather work that documents how poets were shaped or influenced by growing up in one particular Midwest state. On its north coast, Ohio is a Great Lakes state where it shares a border with Canada; on the east and south, it is Appalachian mountains and foothills, forests and rivers; to its west, it flattens into the beginning of the plains, squared with farms. Demographically, Ohio has its rich cosmopolitan centers, its suburbs surrounding its cities, its bounty of small towns, its agricultural diversity from truck farms to family farms. Yet it also has cultural diversity and rich heritages that decorate the quilt that is Ohio. Poems of place and on characters might be especially welcomed for this collection. Name the people, places, brands, businesses, landmarks, institutions, locations that impacted your life as a child and your life as a poet. The collection will be edited by Robert Miltner of Kent State University and published by Pudding House Publications in Columbus, Ohio.


Poets should have spent at least five years of their childhood in Ohio.

Beginning, emerging and established poets are equally invited.

Submit no more than four poems.

Include author contact information-- name, address, phone number, email-- on each submission.

Include a short contributor's note (under 150 words) about your Ohio connection; keep publication comments brief.

No simultaneous submissions.

Previously published poems considered if poet holds copyright and publication information (journal, issue, year, page or website) is provided. No fees will be paid for reprinting.

Rights revert back to author upon publication.

Electronic submissions only.

Send submissions to ohiochildhood@gmail.com. Put your last name first in the subject line, followed by "submission." Attach your poem(s) in a word file AND paste the poem(s) in 12 point font in the body of the email. Only submissions that follow the guidelines will be considered.

Deadline for submissions is EXTENDED to August1, 2010.

For questions, contact editor at ohiochildhood@gmail.com Put "Question" in the subject line.

(I should note that I am not affiliated with this anthology, or with Pudding House, in any way-- I'm just passing this along because I thought some of the poets here might be interested in submitting.)

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