Monday, August 22, 2011

Green Panda 10 yrs Pandering

Green Panda looks back on 10 years of books, a sort-of incomplete catalogue of books, broads and sundry. Check out to see titles of yore and follow the blog to find out about books from the future!

p.s. if u have a copy of a book not listed, please scan a copy of the cover or take a shot and email to

a more complete archive would be great. lots of titles missing, in particular i think of 'The Rain Poet' by Daniel Thompson---hundreds of the babies went out into the world but no copy remains with the publisher. also 'What Grows Glass' by R.A. Washington, 'Beth' by Alex Gildzen. Catch-22 since i cant hold the babies in my hands but then i didnt make the books to keep them, i made 'em to get 'em out, out, out (& read).


John B. Burroughs said...

Very cool - lots of amazing work by artists I respect and admire. I know I have copies of some of those missing books and can send scans/pics when I have a chance.

Pressin On said...

that would be swell, id luv as close to a complete archive as possible!!


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