Tuesday, August 5, 2008

can we drum up any?

i work at a grocery with a dozen or so young men from the Sudan, known as "Lost Boys", who escaped man-perils and lion- and land-perils, to make it to USA, to live the good life. St. Ignatius High School supports a group which supports the local Lost Boys---monies go to buy them basic things, like combs. but also, higher things, like education.

they seem to be on the lookout for fundraising ideas. one thing they had was bowling night. to rent a lane, one made a donation to the lost boys.

what if we had a literary event--poetry, maybe music too, on the theme of hope and persverence. and Cleveland! the new home for some pretty persrvering men?

performers could sell sponsorship to local businesses---we could say something corny, like : Think Global, Act Local. and invite friends and family, who can bring in simple house-hold items, like notebooks. floss. gently used microwaves?

if there is interest, i will see to it.


jesus crisis said...

Love this idea, Bree...

michael salinger said...

Here are a couple books that tell the plight of the Sudanese lost boys.

Dave Egger's telling of Valentino Achak Deng's story "What is the What"



"A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah


Both make for intense reading.

Bree said...

another great read is "They Threw Fire On Us From the Sky"--as told through three different Lost Boys who first settled in Atlanta. compelling!

pottygok said...

One thing that PWLGC did way back when, and may have done recently but I missed, was to invite collaborations between local artists and writers. 12 or so artists would work with an equal number of writers, creating a specific piece or pieces which would then be auctioned off. All proceeds would then go to the specific charity, in this case Iggy's.

Bree said...

this is a good idea! i recently drew many african animals!

please email me or post a comment on here if you are interested in contributing art, music, poetry or financial aspects to this. maybe the Lit would be the best spot? draw attention to the Lit as well as the local artists and the Sudanese....

lady said...

If you guys have that auction I could contribute a print issue of The City if you'd like.


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