Monday, August 4, 2008

NEO Poet Field Guide

Full name: Gina M. Tabasso
Age: 39 (July 14, 1969)
Habitat: Brunswick, OH townhouse
Range: Microbreweries, Asian restaurants, rib and wing joints, coffee shops, barns (yes, with an “n” though “bars” are fun, too), overseas, vertical hills on trail rides through mud and rivers and rock, Maine, Nova Scotia, Chicago
Diet: 20th-century British novels, contemporary and canonical poets, Russian lit, horse books, nonfiction; mostly protein, beer and vodka
Distinguishing Markings: Mangrove, The Common Review, Upstairs at Duroc, The MacGuffin, Mid-American Review, Slant, Blue Mesa Review, Pavement Saw, and many others; long, curly hair; tall; lots of curves
Predators: Gasoline costs, inflation, illness, car accidents, raccoon urine in my house, insane men who are trouble, my parents
Prey: Hot, young contractors; men under 35
Call: excerpted from “Forming”

What is your collapsed name,
the one that folded you
imploding like a
when your leg bone gave out
when you were born to race,
a dappled
comet streaking
jet and cranberry breath?

What club do you
belong to
that loves foam and sweat
pulls hair from your neck
ties your
windpipe open
mummy wraps your legs
until you want to drink moon
and run through the center
of the sun, lightning
flickering in the

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pottygok said...

I think you may have to add "boots" under distinctive markings. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice! I recently acquired Gina's chapbook Disrobing at the Bookstore on W. 25th. Haven't made my way through all of it yet... but what I've digested so far is very good.

Gina Tabasso said...

Thanks friends! Yes, I do like a good pair of pink and purple ostrich and baby goat boots or flaming combat boots or chunky-heeled boots that increase my Amazonian stature. Good digestion is important!!! Lady Godiva knew that.

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