Monday, October 26, 2009

NEO Poet Field Guide

Full name: ra washington
feeqAge: 34
Habitat: tremont
Diet: Ezra Pound, James Baldwin, Grace Paley, bell hooks, Kate Sopko- as for movies- my fav is Blade Runner, Dune, and sixteen candles
Range: you may find me lurking at the Lit Cafe, perhaps B Side, TOUCH SUPPER CLUB
Distinguishing Markings:  HUEbris, ...OPEN. got a new novella about to hit called THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF GENTLEMAN RICHARDS
Predators: boyfriends. alot of hate from boyfriends
Prey: women who can read french, and landlords
Take this wine jimmy
I want your eyelids showing
Take this money jimmy
I made this shit for twenty minutes
The picture show
Take this love jimmy
I want your cock in my mouth
Take this color jimmy
And show the world
What its not.
Tell them marlon.
Why fake when your heart sings true.
Make love to me marlon
Passion is the white man’s game
What’s it like marlon
To have the women call your name
Even as the men, hide their mouths
When doing the same.

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The poet doesn't invent. He listens. ~Jean Cocteau