Monday, April 11, 2022

Jawbone Poetry Festival - May 6th through 8th in Kent

From our friends at The Jawbone:

Once again as always been, the Jawbone is calling forth poets to gather and sing.  Friday May 6th through Sunday May 8th.  Please come!  Bring your ears and your mouth and your heart and bring your words and your songs.  Bring your poems poets.  Again, we gather and sing.


Attached is a flyer. Please forward it to the unknown poet who we must reach. And print it and tape it to your back windshield and print some more and nail them to every telephone pole between your place and Topeka.


Also, send your poem for the 2022 Jawbone Book!  We will gather our voices in print.  To be included in the printed gathering, please send your poem by April 28.  All poems welcome, prayers and manifestos, too.  Do not include your credentials but do include your name.  Best to attach Word or PDF file.  All mistakes in production are mistakes in production.  The theme in this year's book will the theme in this year's book.


Send your poem to no later than Thursday April 28.


Send questions, comments, advice to one or all of the following:

Robert "RC" Wilson

LuAnn Csernotta

David Hassler

Steve Skovensky


SPRING. May 6th 7th 8th.  2022.  All welcome.  Come to the river.  Bring everyone.  Includes you.  Every canoe, all wagons, to Kent.   Bring poems.   Follow the singing.


Here's the Jawbone schedule:



                Friday at 4pm – dedication of a Maj Ragain poem & Jessica Damon painting

                               KSU Library, Wick Poetry Corner

Open Reading

                Friday May 6th  8pm – Last Exit Books

                                124 E Main Street, Kent

Poet's Pie & Coffee

                Saturday May 7th  11am-2pm – Standing Rock Gallery

                                300 North Water, Kent 11:00-2:00.

Open Reading

                Saturday May 7th  2pm – John Brown Tannery

                                Along Cuyahoga River, Stow Street, Kent

Open Reading

                Saturday May 7th  8pm – Last Exit Books

                                124 E Main Street, Kent

Poetry Potluck

                Sunday May 8th  2pm – Fred Fuller Park

                                Pavilion 5,  Middlebury Road, Kent



The poet doesn't invent. He listens. ~Jean Cocteau