Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where do you publish?

Midge Raymond says, it's September, and the literary magazines that slumbered all summer are coming awake; it's submission time.

So, where do you publish?

Where are the current markets? Who wants what? What's hot, who's not?
Lit magazines? Small press? Your church newsletter?

Let's hear it!

And how about internet journals: electronic ephemera? Or the wave of today?



J.E. Stanley said...

A few resources that might be helpful:

Louie Crew’s list of Poetry Publishers Who Accept Electronic Submissions (includes both print and web publications):

Poets & Writers Magazine online (with calls for submissions in the classified section, on the lower right side of the page):

The Science Fiction Poetry Association links page (science fiction, fantasy, horror) with paying and non-paying markets listed separately:

Greg Schwartz’ Haiku & Horror blog which he often updates with recent market news and calls for submissions (including non-horror haiku and non-haiku horror)

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Thanks for the links, Jim. I'll have to bookmark some of those.

Another one might be of some use: the New Pages information on literary magazines, with regular updates on calls for submissions

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

I was hoping for a little more discussion on this one-- I really am interested. Doesn't any of the readers on this list submit stuff for publiation? Or is this mostly a performance-poetry list?

Greg said...

hey, thanks for the mention, J.E.! I try to update it as often as I can.

I like to submit to small-press mags, most of which don't pay much or at all. Barbaric Yawp, Nerve Cowboy, and Abbey are all favorites, and the editors are all great to work with. Some other good larger-circulation journals are Cold Mountain Review and New York Quarterly. I also love to submit to short-poem mags like Lilliput Review, Inch, and bear creek haiku.


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