Sunday, August 1, 2010

And you Slammers thought you started something...

The Word of the Day for August 01, 2010 is:

eisteddfod • \eye-STETH-vawd\ noun
: a usually Welsh competitive festival of the arts especially in poetry and singing

Example Sentence:

This year's eisteddfod featured some exceptional recorder and guitar playing, but as in past years it was the bards who were the highlight of the festival.

Did you know?

In Medieval times, Welsh bards and minstrels would assemble together for an "eisteddfod" (the Welsh word for "session") of poetry and music competition. Over time, participation and interest in these competitions lessened, and by the 17th century an eisteddfod was far from the courtly affair it once was. The competition was revived in the 19th century as a way to showcase Wales's artistic culture. It was also in that century that an official council was formed to organize the annual National Eisteddfod of Wales, an event still held each summer alternately in North or South Wales. There are awards for music, prose, drama, and art, but the one for poetry remains the eisteddfod's pinnacle.

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John B. Burroughs said...

Having Welsh roots but being woefully ignorant of that part of my heritage, I find this particularly interesting. Thank you.


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