Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Lix (and Kix) Are Better Than One [updated]

To celebrate the Lix and Kix Poetry Extravaganza's second anniversary, we're having two events this month: one on our regular third Wednesday (Oct. 20th) and one the following Friday (Oct. 22nd). The Wednesday event is our second annual Fuck the Format, Get in Where You Fit in, Open Mic Free-for-All anchored by Cleveland poets Jim Lang and Ben Gulyas. The Friday event features New York City poet Puma Perl, Cleveland's own Alex Nielsen and citizens of the world Smith & Lady, followed by an open mic. There will be music and cake both nights as well. Dianne Borsenik and John "Jesus Crisis" Burroughs will emcee. Both events will take place at Bela Dubby Art Gallery & Beer Cafe, 13321 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio. [UPDATE - Friday will also feature a performance by Mad Anthony, a soul-infused rock band from Cincinnati. The party begins at 7 p.m.]

According to S.A. Griffin, editor The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, "Puma Perl is tough, funny, straight ahead and unforgettable. A survivor with a knockout punch and a heart of gold who claims she never wrote a love poem. But don't be fooled, Knuckle Tattoos is an epic love poem to the curb and back dressed in leopard print, sporting come fuck me pumps working the thin edge. Puma is jazz, punk and the ghost of Ava Gardner. A subway angel who talks to god, Puma Perl is a pearl of a girl and a poet who writes like her heart is on fire." Her latest book, Knuckle Tattoos, won the Erbacce Prize for poetry.

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