Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reviews in Unlikely Places
Most writers hope for reviews. (Particularly good ones!) All the online sellers post them, but the public has become skeptical, especially when the reviewer is clearly the author in disguise or a close associate. This month, I found out that my latest novel is being reviewed by a regional sailing magazine. It was quite a surprise, since I don't know these people! On the other hand, reviews have never seemed to have much impact on sales. This may be a test case because it is not aimed at the writer's market, but at sailors who may be looking for a summer read. Time will tell if reviews in unlikely places will prove more significant than those in the familiar ones! Here's the link to the online version:

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Geoffrey A. Landis said...

I'd say, any publicity is good publicity. But getting publicity in a niche market-- that is, a group of people who are likely to really like your book-- is best of all.


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