Monday, March 17, 2014

The Gambler

The Gambler is an odd little internet 'zine, founded by Kelly Jones, with an even odder method of editing: it's a gamble.  Yes, they edit using a strong element of chance: using a lottery, or cards, or dice to pick what's in the 'zine and what isn't.  They say:
"Work is selected by using a method that relies on chance. Submissions are collected and numbered in the order they arrive and then a random selection of numbers decides what work goes up. Those randomly selected winning numbers may come from anywhere: a Powerball ticket, an editor’s social security number, or numbers that are divisible by nine. Why nine? Why not?"
Actually, what they choose ends up being pretty interesting-- who would have thought it?
So, my poem "What if you die--" was one of the lottery winners in the most recent issue (dang-- if I'da knew I waz lucky, I woulda bought a Mega-millions.)
Ya feeling lucky, punk?

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