Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thirty Days of Poetry Starts on Friday!

Diane Kendig writes:

Dear Poets:

The CCPL project which you all helped me pioneer for National Poetry Month is in its third year, starting this Friday. What some said would "never go" because "no one reads poetry" registered 400 readers the first day, which came up to 600 for the first year and now is up to 1200 registered readers with an extremely high rate of email openings. A book is coming out with an article by CCPL librarian Laurie Kincer on the success of the endeavor. Here are three updates for you on the project:

1) With the new Writers Center in the South Euclid Library, there has been shuffling of the web. If you thought your page had been disappeared, take heart. The library has remounted the 2014 and 2015 sites, where you can find your poem and continue to link/share it:

2) Registration is now open to receive daily emails for this year's 30 poets/poems/prompts. If you registered in previous years, you are still registered. If not, or if you have new friends, classes, or relatives who would be interested, please share the link to get registered:
3) Finally, you are invited to attend the two live events associated with this year's project:
If you have any questions about the month's events, feel free to contact me or our terrific librarian Laurie Kincer.

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