Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Goode story on CNN

It's 4:00 pm on Thursday, and the news story of the hour is Barack Obama giving a speech in front of 200,000 in Berlin. But on CNN's web site, the second top story is about poet Jon Goode.

From the piece:

"Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Goode studied economics and finance at James Madison University in Virginia. His Southern-laced vernacular alludes to a rural upbringing. His bookish style -- starched short-sleeve button up with tie, wire-rimmed glasses and a straw boater hat -- is straight out of a Harper Lee novel. Friends liken him to "a civil rights leader that listens to rap music." Goode's spoken word performances are drawn from a collection of personal stories, most of which are true, he says. The seasoned wordsmith rose through the ranks to deliver his rhymes to the spoken-word mainstream. He's done writing stints and made appearances for Nike, Nickelodeon and CNN's "Black in America. But it was after an appearance on HBO's "Def Jam Poetry" that Goode really started to get noticed."

Check out the entire article here. It's always good when poetry gets a marquee position in the news.

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