Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Northeast Ohio Poet Field Guide:

Full name: Roger James Craik
Age: 52
Habitat: Ashtabula, Ohio
Range: Cleveland, Youngstown, out of state and international.
Diet: Unknown
Distinguishing Markings: I Simply Stared (2002), Rhinoceros in Clumber Park (2003), The Darkening Green (2004), Those Years (2007), and poems published in national journals.
Predators: None Stated
Prey: None Stated

Friday night

My arms are folded
round the girl; the pillow’s
cool and simple to my cheek.

The ebb and warmth. Birds in
darkening trees.
Insensibly, beyond the reach of tenderness,
the mind
withdraws, goes embering down the years

to where a schoolboy’s on
his way upstairs,
-- no school tomorrow, or the next day too! --
and now
he is throwing off his clothes ecstatically to feel

the crispness
of this special evening’s sheets,
the pillow’s linen meadow at his
and in the dark to be imagining as real

within his
self-embracing arms a sleeping girl.

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Anonymous said...

I like Roger's James Boswell book a lot. Here's a video of him performing at the Literary cafe:

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure many people read comments to older blogs. But I'd like to let those who do so know that Roger Craik will be a featured reader at the Lix and Kix poetry event at Tremont/Cleveland's 806 Wine and Martini Bar on Tuesday 18 November 2008 at 7 p.m. Our other featured artist that evening will be singer/poet Dominique Glick. Dianne Borsenik and I will be your hosts and an open mic will follow. Plus, the drinks are among the best in Cleveland.


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