Thursday, August 7, 2008

Slam this!

Here is a report, from The Isthmus, on the National Poetry Slam:

Spoken word artists are naturally a loquacious bunch, so it’s only natural that more than a few are sharing their experiences at the National Poetry Slam in Madison, Wisc., this week. The five-day showdown opened on Tuesday with a series of 12 bouts between 48 teams, less than a third of the total in the two preliminary rounds of competition. Poets from several teams competing on this opening night have plenty to say about their own and others’ bouts on the first night of the slam.

One member of the Worcester Poets Asylum team the scores from his bout at the Brink Lounge, in which the squad from central Massachusetts finished second to Chicago Mental Graffiti and ahead of Boston Lizard Lounge and Accident Slam from Eureka, California. The poet also provides the score and comments on the winning effort put in by Boston Cantab at the same location earlier in the evening. “New England had a very good night tonight,” he declares, “and I hope it will continue for the rest of the week.” Read more here.

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