Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lake Erie Effect Poetry Round-up

if we want to pull off the Cleveland poetry fest for 2010(some folks like the name Lake Erie Effect Poetry, or LEEP Fest, for it), we ought to begin working now!

i have set up a blog, set to private, for now, at

i figure if you want to participate in the brainstorming, and planning for this festival, send me your email, and i will make you an "author" of the blog. i will post categories, like "venues", "getting the word out", "time of yr", etc. and blog authors can put their two cents down. we can avoid having to meet in a board, in this way!

email me if you would like to be a brainstormer. maybe you would host an event, or know cool venues, have talent to suggest, or have friends in radio and print. i will add you as an author, and we can begin planning!

other reasons you may want to sign up as an author of this blog: you want to hold a workshop during the fest. you are willing to distribute flyers. you want to sell books at a book table. you play music, and want to accompany poets. you want to be involved!!


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