Friday, December 3, 2010

Blind Review Friday

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So - back from sabbatical - Blind Review Friday. This week's offering is from a Clevelandpoetics the Blog contributor. The cue is now currently empty so send in your pieces.

Miscarriage Lullaby a.k.a. i love you et cetera

Save me, brother,
for I am falling.
Save me, brother,
catch me, hold me, 'fore I hit the pavement.

Weeping again in stark night
o'er all the faces my heart did alight,
no longer can I stand,
but to rest here, eternally, wept.

The presence of one who could be
a lover, next to me, only re-
kindles all the sleepy memories,
reveries of he who, first, last, always, I love.

And then chasing away the hours
in another droll day like so many others
I flee to the presence of such a friend
whom once I, wounded, tried vainly to love.

Ain't it funny how life goes?
And how such fate that bleeds my
heart and grinds my bones, but
only in the embrace of the Earth & Sky
can my body dare to be alone . . .

But I am not an individual
and there is no "self" to crawl
back to. Expanding awareness thru
hollowed Halls of Creation; horizontal fall

to be trapped in. But enough of the
necessity of strife, perhaps even
of this "not-self," everywhere, when,
as the bellows of my heart breathe, again.

And what could such writing be worth
in the Eternal Whirlpool of Thee Ineffable?
Everything, always, forever, smiles,
But my being will not go on much further.


Anonymous said...

check out more writing of this 18-year old living in the suburbs of cleveland at looking forward to critique. and partners in artcrime

Geoffrey A. Landis said...
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Anonymous said...

Monsieur Landis, i cannot find contact info. for you anywhere, and so i am hoping you will find this comment. i am very much interested in talking with you, and perhaps even hearing what you originally had to say as to my post. i too live in berea, and am trying to "break-out" into the wider community.

in arms,

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Hmm-- I'm not hard to find. If you go to my page,, there should be an email address at the bottom


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