Friday, May 30, 2014

Best Cleveland Poem!

Ray McNiece rocks the house
Here they are, the ten finalists and three alternates for the 2nd Annual Best Cleveland Poem Contest.  Come to the Willoughby Brewing Company at 4pm this Sunday  to hear them read, orchestrated Master of Ceremonies Ray McNiece.
Please invite one or two hundred of your friends to support this event sponsored by Tim "I'll make them rhyme" Misny.

In no particular order:
  • Steven Smith
  • TM Göttl
  • JP Armstrong
  • Dianne Borsenik
  • Jeffrey Bowen
  • Lee Chilcote
  • Renay Sanders
  • Michael Murray,
  • Geoffrey Landis
  • Danilee Eichhorn
  • Anita Keys
  • Mary Turzillo
  • Frances Lograsso
This will be great!

See you all Sunday. Please promote the event on fb, twitter and other media platforms!

Willoughby Brewing Company:

--oh, and check out the book from last year's contest.   If you love poetry, and love Cleveland-- this is the book for you.

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Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Raymond McNiece writes:·

well, the people of cleveland have spoken, and what a chorus of worthies, here are your top three finishers in the second annual best cleveland poem contest...

1. Dianne Borsenik
2. TM Theresa Göttl
3. Michael Murray

A very spirited and fun time had by all congrats to dianne for defending her title and for all the great poets who held forth on their love songs for Cleveland, thanks to Tim Misney and the Willoughby Brewing Company, to Al Moses and Rick K, for backing me up and for my lovely fiance Nancy Redd for bringing in Summertime....seeya all next year for the 3rd annual Best Cleveland Poem Contest....thanks, Ray


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