Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Lesser Forms, Part Two

Gettouda Pointillism: Though thought by many to merely be a reaction to the fervor surrounding the breath-taking rise (and subsequent fall) of the Deterministica, this view fails to address the intriguing and dramatic back-story of the form. Largely in response to Willary Prederick’s stubborn squandrance of the family fortune defending Whaley-Horseman’s poetic endeavors, Gettouda Prederick (great-granddaughter of Willary), writing from exile in France, constructed a devastating new form which completely removed all determiners from its aesthetic, eventually laying a genocidal eye upon prepositions and helping verbs:

excerpts from Sir Sire

You do shoe
I live foot

I kill you
die gray toe

it pour green blue
I pray recover you

I never tell you
your foot your root
I never talk you
tongue stuck jaw

it barb wire snare
I thought you
language obscene

engine, engine
me off

snow clear beer Vienna
not pure true
I scared you
your your your your
O you——

not God no sky squeak
woman boot face brute
heart brute you

bit heart two
I ten buried you
twenty I tried die

get back, back, back you
I bones do

they pulled sack
they me glue
I knew what do
I made model you

I do do
telephone root
voice worm through

I kill man, I kill two
vampire said he you
you lie now

stake your heart
dancing stamping you

they knew it you
you bastard, I

Though the flame of the form which became synonymous with her name flared but briefly, Gettouda Prederick’s poetry burns all the more fiercely, especially in consideration of her influence on the later form of Conjunctionalism, which hardly needs mentioning here.

Next: Conjunctionalism....


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

It's nice to see some form poetry here!

Anonymous said...

A joke's a joke, but I'm not sure what this does to Sylvia Plath's poem is right....

Anonymous said...

I love it. Daddy, forgive me.


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