Friday, May 8, 2009

Blind Review Friday

Blind Review Friday.

The author shall remain anonymous (unless they chose to divulge themselves in the comments.)

Those commenting are also welcome to remain anonymous if they wish.

Incendiary comments will be removed.

If you would like your piece thrown to the wolves send it to with "Workshop the hell out of this poem" as the subject line.

This week's offering is from a Clevelandpoetics - The Blog reader:


Does anyone really know what time it is,
And does anyone really care?
Zen might tell that time is
Enough within itself, self-realized, a thought
Ordering the universe, the universe in OM.
Friday is a state of mind.
That much is clear to me, although
Here and now, I have no time, where once,
Everywhere I looked, time lurked.
Where has all that surfeit of time
Escaped to, how can I bottle time
And save some for later? If you
Know, please let me in on it... if you have the time.

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