Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Ohio Poetry Day!

Image of Mount Union College

Today is Ohio Poetry Day!

In 1938, the State of Ohio set the third Friday of every October as Ohio Poetry Day. This was the first poetry day established by any state government in the United States.

Tessa Sweazy Webb spent thirteen months lobbying the Ohio General Assembly to create Ohio Poetry Day. She argued, "For each living reader a living poet, for each living poet a living reader." After Ohio approved Webb's idea, other states adopted a day dedicated to poetry as well.

Today take time to do something nice for a poet.

May your Ohio Poetry Day be truly poetic!

See you in Alliance tonight!
The OPA Team

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Michael Schurch said...

Thank You!

Special Thanks for Geoffery Landis for promoting Ohio Poetry Day and helping to reclaim Ohio Poetry!

Extraordinary Congratulations to Geoffery as well for winning so many awards at OPD this year that I lost count!

Everyone should put this on their calendars for next year so that we don't double book these great Ohio events!

Ohio Poetry day 2010
Tiffin University
October 15th and 16th



The poet doesn't invent. He listens. ~Jean Cocteau